Many years ago, I lived in a house that I shared with some friends, [and assorted love interests who appeared and departed, leaving me in various states of relief or regret.]
At that time, I recall, it sounded like there was always music; music everywhere.

It was fundamental to our lives, really. Musicians lived in that house and all around us in that bohemian community. By day we thought about music, and practiced it. By night we performed music to scrape together a living. It felt as if everything I did was joined to my immersion in music.
Over time, of course, most of us went out into the wide world, often along paths carved out of necessity, sometimes out of previously unrecognized passions and inclinations, or even….just because people do that.
But I’ll forever treasure the vivid power of those times, and the way that music – the hearing of it, and the playing of it, could lift us up and move us.
These days I’m more mellow, of course, but I still feel a thrill when I hear one of those great old melodies being played; or I watch a bunch of muso’s getting into an amazing musical interaction, jamming like there’s no tomorrow.
Lekka stuff! It’s those bejewelled moments in music that take us away, isn’t it?
Anyway, here’s a fun number called “Whiskey and the Blues”. I was feeling a bit down, and I walked into a pub somewhere and ordered a whiskey [or two]. A couple of guys got onto the stage and started jamming. They were great, and they blew my sulk away. It’s not quite as simple as it sounds, and I’m quite proud of the arrangement.
Take a listen and see what you think.

Me on vocals and guitar, Kristo Zondagh on Cajon, and Janet Sklar teasing us on Violin.

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