Kevin Abraham

Who is Kevin Abraham...

Kevin began playing ukulele at a very young age, progressing over time to acoustic guitar. His first real introduction to performing acoustic music was at the Queens College Folk club, under the legendary Hennie Van Der Mescht.

Later, as a young adult, he became involved in the iconic Four Winds Folk Club, an institution that nurtured many excellent players over the years. It was here that he  began to develop his  strong finger picking and signature vocal style.
Time spent in Cape Town as a student consolidated his position as a top performer in the many clubs, pubs and restaurants which offered live music in those days....

While there, he was scouted by Mountain records, resulting in national attention for his hit song, “More than Just a friend”, from the album “Inside”.
As a result of the album’s charting, Kevin had the opportunity to play and tour extensively. The demands of bigger stages and audiences resulted in a move towards a full band sound, and for a while he concentrated on delivering pop-rock shows. However, he always sustained a separate solo career, with strong emphasis on vocals and acoustic guitar.
In the mid-eighties, he left SA to try his luck “overseas” and created a highly successful career as a solo artist.
On a visit to SA in 1991, Kevin, with his wife, Michal, decided to “stay awhile” in his home town, Port Elizabeth. It wasn’t long before they were putting down roots, and from this base, he continued his career as a “pro muso” for many years, before moving into Research. After having quit professional music, Kevin has limited himself to three or four performances a year, mainly for local fans.
Events overtake us. In Kevin’s case, his passion for Research became a full time career, taking him on some wild and wonderful adventures. Over time, live performances took a back seat. He’s finally decided to take the advice of good friends from the music world, and go out and share his love of acoustic music again.

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